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6:00 which starts for you right now. now abc2 news at 6:00. >> it is hot out here. we need more ice. >> snowballs, water fountains, it's like we are playing in the heat pyramid. it is hot here in baltimore. tonight meteorologist wyatt everhart is here to tell us how long this is going to last. >> personally for us, the cholesterol changed our lives. it's exactly what she needed. >> could cholesterol be the trick? it could play a role. every breath you take, every move you -- it's ridiculous. it would take your grill 20 minutes to catch up to this. wyatt everhart with your evening forecast. >> jamie, you see some grabs with no heat source. set it on the deck on the sun and two hours later, looking
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good. these are the current heat index values. they are down 2 degrees in the last 60 minutes, but feeling like 113 at the inner harbor. in annapolis where you have been one of our coolest spots in the mid to low 90s. 103 what you feel like right now. temperatures in the upper 90s. we touched 100 briefly today. that was not a record, but close to it. several hours to even get back down in the 80s. that excessive heat warning through 10:00 p.m. tonight is back in effect at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and here we go. 102 in the afternoon. that doesn't even factor in the humidity so record high temperatures tomorrow jamie, we'll talk about when this heat wave begins to break slightly coming up. >> more on the heat in just a minute. we have new developments coming in. police now tell us that the officer was targeted and they spoke about the situation in the last 30 minutes. abc2 news kristen shaefer is live from policehead quarters with the latest.
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>> this came out tuesday night. we initially heard the officer was stuck in the hip by a bullet. we heard it was not that serious. today at a news conference at police headquarters, we learned it could have been much, much worse. this man is in police custody. police say he was taken into custody because of a tip that came to the community. they called the police. this man was in the neighborhood looking suspicious. police responded and they found him along with pieces of a rifle that had been dismantelled. police sources tell abc news that he is a veteran with a history of mental illness. an officer was responding to a domestic violence call. he heard loud pops and realized he had been hit. the police commissioner says that a rifle round struck that officer's service resolver. amazing when the commissioner said that rifle round may have
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penetrated his body armor had it struck it. fragments hit the officer. treated and released from shock trauma. police know the officer was targeted. they don't know why. >> we've heard a few different accounts about why this man was deliberately shooting at our police officer. what we're sure about is that he had no love loss for the baltimore police department. >> the commissioner made that point a couple times in the news conference this afternoon. however, a quick online search of the court records show that shay jordan does not have a criminal record. the commissioner would not confirm shay jordan's status as a veteran. more on that as developments become available. for now, christian shaefer. >> we're going to go further south from where christian is right now. he just got his learner's permit. he was excited about his plans. but a standout basketball
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player is dead tonight following a shooting in brooklyn. police say it might have been an accident. marcus harvell was a star player at masonville academy. police say he was at the brooklyn home's housing project when the shooting happened and marcus' friend told police he and marcus were handling the gun when it just went off. marcus was shot in the chest and later died at shock trauma. >> i believe when we get more concrete answers, that will help, but it's not going to take away the pain and my sister is coping the best way she can right now. >> i was getting a ton of interest from schools from marcus. obviously the junior colleges were, a lot of division 3 schools. he had the athleticism and the size and the talent to be a division one caliber player. and that was getting recognized.
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>> in fact, marcus harvell had plans to travel to a national tournament in orlando today for a final chance to impress the scouts. let's get back to the heat. the state's public service commission is reminding all of us that public utilities are not allowed to shut off services used for cooling during this heat wave. the pse says if temperatures are forecast to be 95 degrees or higher during the next 72 hours, a utility is not allowed to cut off service for bills that are unpaid. snowballs, they haven't let up. 40 laps around the second floor of the mall, there's no escaping the heat this week. and then he went to the inner harbor where he caught up with manny who watched you try to beat the heat today. >> with the heat index reaching triple digits and doing their best to stay hydrated. even those waiting for the bus were wanting to hear three
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words. whether you're selling water on the streets or you're at your neighborhood snowball stand, trying to stay cool. >> it's hot out here. we need snowballs. >> here at the inner harbor, kids and parents alike were having the best of times playing in the water fountain. >> we just came here for the science museum. we saw this and decided to play in it to cool off. >> fun more me, but not too much fun for him. >> it's a good way to stay cool. >> it is. >> very refreshing. >> i come down here as often as i can. whenever i have a day or half a day can come down in this heat, it's the only thing. >> the next few days will test our reserve on how we weather the heat. stay cool at the inner harbor, i'm manny lock. >> and there are cooling
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centers open in baltimore county. for a complete list, head to our website and click on the hot weather guide and look for an article and there you'll fine a complete list of websites for your local government. every home has secrets, but some of the things you don't know about the place you live in right now could be dangerous to you and your family. so tonight at 11:00, abc2 is working for you with a warning about how you can move into a former meth lab and never know it. it's a scary thing, considering the chemicals created in this dangerous problem can linger, soaking into carpets, the dry wall if not cleaned up properly. only 13 meth labs have been busted since 2004, but there could be more and a little soap and water doesn't get rid of the chemicals left behind. >> it's a huge problem. there's no federal standard right now. there's no federal u.s. law standard for remediation of a meth lab. >> coming up tonight at 11:00,
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we'll explain why no one has to tell you if your house has a criminal past and the keys to unlocking the secret of your very own home tonight. abc2 news at 11:00. in 52 days, we will remember the 10th anniversary of 9/11. here in baltimore, we are remembering the brave men and women who went up those steps. some to save lives, others kept walking up to heaven. roosevelt leftwich is live. >> reporter: jamie, they were carrying memories and also carrying their own stuff up these steps. they went all the way to the top and and went to floor 16, walked the hallway and went up the final five hallways. they never went home. they climbed 110 flights of stairs to rescue people trapped
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in those buildings. today firefighters from all over the country honored their comrades by walking in their shoes. a lain yard burying the picture of each of the 343 firefighters that die to let people know they were walking those steps for them. five laps, 20 stories in the downtown hilton. a fitting memorial. >> such a wonderful way to pay tribute to 343 firefighters who died at the world trade center and to do something for the families of fallen firefighters in the future as well. >> jamie, this started a few weeks ago. two fireman that decided to do that. it grew into something that was incredible out west that they do and bringing it over here. it's been done in other cities, but this is the first time it's been done at the expo. we'll have more on this coming
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up tonight at 11:00, reporting live, abc2 news. >> i tell you what, seeing firefighters coming up those steps, man. listen, in one month's time, what a difference. a little girl -- her life turned around with autism. was it her family, her teachers? it was hercholesterol. the significance behind this discovery. counterfeiters want to make the product as cheaply as possible while still looking passable to you. >> today you would have no troubleshooting the temperature. 102, but you would have trouble picking out clubs. abc2 works for you tonight with the trap you don't want to hit out of. a little better than that, 100, my friend out at bwi today. 104 the old record. didn't get there. that could be a different story tomorrow. 98 was your two degree guarantee. you get our abc2 storm umbrella. we are back with a mighty hot weekend forecast for you. we'll talk about if this breaks
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any time soon coming up.
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abc2 news working for you. counterfeit clubs, balls and equipment are running rampant. officials say the most savvy shopper c's fall for a fake. you could be ripped off or hurt. what should you be on the lookout for? charlie tonight with more on why these counterfeiters may be stopped. >> look closely at these golf balls. one is counterfeit, the other real. can you pick the fake? the fake is the one on the left, though it says titlest, it's not a real golf ball. you can see, the counterfeit ball on the left is mostly
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hollow and the real one has a solid purple core. the ball seized by u.s. custom agents won't absorb a swift golf swing or roll down the green. >> counterfeiters want to make the product as cheaply as possible while still looking passable to you. >> these guys are good. the differences are almost indistinguishable. experienced golfer michael burns got lured into buying fake clubs online. check out -- the lettering is smaller than the authentic club and one of the seven's is thicker than the real one. now the real test, part of the club head is supposed to be made of tongue tunston. michael confirmed he got clubs made of steel, a much cheaper metal. >> this is the fake golf club and you can see that the magnet
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easily sticks to that particular club. >> the counterfeiters make golf apparel. is this shirt real or fake? here's the tipoff. with the fake, the inner packaging is from china and most counterfeit equipment is made. these balls are just parts of hundreds of counterfeit items u.s. customs and border control seize each year and the numbers keep going up. in 2009, agents seize 519 counterfeit golf items. in 2010, they seized 786 items. >> the problem is very difficult to stop. >> it's a tough battle. customs says the new way counterfeiters elude agents is by sending fake stuff through the mail and on private carriers rather than in huge cargo shipments. the feds can't search every package and can't force the chinese government to stop the crooks. >> it is a challenge because of a lack of u.s. jurisdiction.
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>> now big name golf companies like cleveland are getting involved. they are teaching custom agents to stop fakes and putting pressure on the chinese government to shut down the counterfeit plans. the vp of global security say they have a big handicap. >> completely stopped counterfeiting. i would say is probably next to impossible. >> so what is the result to golfers who buy the fake stuff? >> could put a divot in safety. the company says other fake equipment could injure people. >> it is inferior materials. >> if a sub par club opportunity take your head off, it will chip at your game. it can also impact the product's performance. not to mention it's going to wac your bank account. fake golf clubs aren't much cheaper than the real thing. michael is riding off his score
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and warns counterfeit stuff is more prevalent than you think. >> it's difficult to think that you a bright, educated individual who can be taken advantage of. >> experts say to protect yourself from getting stuck with a counterfeit, always buy online from an authorized dealer. watch out for deals that appear too good to be true and look for a label on your product. buy with a credit card and if you don't get what you pay for, you can dispute the purchase. abc2 news. >> just found out i had fake clubs. in fact, i was staring at it. listen, if you end up with a counterfeit golf product, the feds want to hear from you right now. check our website on how to report it. we posted it on our scam alert page. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> that's a good story.
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when jamie is locked in, mesmerized, he sees a lot of news stories. heat warning is up again tomorrow and through 10:00 tonight, we have our heat warning up and again on saturday beginning at 10:00 a.m. this heat wave not breaking any time soon. air quality alert for bad air tomorrow afternoon as that polluted air, all the exhaust from the morning rush hour, that peek afternoon heat, all that sunshine causes it to react. 98 temperature right now out at the airport. it's hotter than that downtown. serious heat to deal with and some of our weather net cameras showing you the hazy, but bright conditions out there. it was a pretty looking day in frederick, but one of the hottest spots in the state as they shot up well above 100 degrees. the place to be where the sea breeze kept them in the mid 80s. the humidity was rather high at the beach. 110 was the current index. what does it feel like?
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the real feel temperature, 110, 113 in easten. this is just about as hot as you'll ever see it in terms of a heat index. we'll be right there again tomorrow. dew point above 80 in easten. that is excessive humidity and right now we don't have the record temperatures. we might see them tomorrow, but we have what would be considered a record combination of heat plus humidity. it's quiet right now and here's the core of that hot air mass with a few storms. ironically under that high pressure. this heat mass settles in directly on top of maryland. probably the hottest day of the heat wave and as we go into saturday, not much relief. it's going to take until sunday to change things. 77 steamy degrees overnight. tomorrow your 2-degree guarantee, we're going 102. that would be a new all-time record. 101. so here we go again tomorrow with that excessive heat
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warning tomorrow night, 79. even steamier if you can believe it. seven-day forecast not showing much of a change saturday. another day with a heat warning. sunday, monday, and tuesday look like we'll see some cooling. it will be above 90. jamie. thank you wyatt. now to a health alert, maybe you know someone with autism. if you do, you're going to want to watch this. because abc2 news tells us about a promising new study that shows why low cholesterol levels could be making autism symptoms worse. >> how many here? >> this may look like a typical preschool lesson, but what rose parker is doing is anything but typical. rose has autism and just a few months ago, this would have been impossible. >> this is a child that would have a blank stare and run from other people if she didn't know them. i would have to carry her up the stairs with me if i went from one level to another. >> rose is reading, smiling, and interacting like never before and this could have
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helped make the difference. as part of a clinical trial, the barkers added a packet of cholesterol to rose's diet twice a day and that simple act may have had a profound effect. >> it's possible that too low of cholesterol could be one of several causes of autism affecting subgroup of children with autism. >> so dr. eugene arnold launched an initial study. knowing that proper levels of cholesterol are essential for brain development, he wanted to see if increasing cholesterol could reduce symptoms in autism and in rose's case, the results were clear. >> personally for us, the cholesterol changed our life. it was exactly what she needed. her development started almost immediately. she smiles again. she runs. she has awesome motor skills. >> now dr. arnold and his team are expanding their study.
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they do so with a word of caution. >> very important that we not just rush out and try to give everybody with autism cholesterol because for some of them, it may be harmful. >> for some, like rose, it could be a simple answer to a complex condition. linda so, abc2 news. >> kids between the ages of 4 and 12 will get the cholesterol packets to see if it has an impact. we'll be right back right after this.
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there we go, jamie, sheltering conditions. 113, what it still feels like in the city. again through 10:00 tonight, heat warning. just use caution out there and drink lots of cold water. >> 12 news is next. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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